Plym Valley Railway
13th October 2016
Plymouth Rib Rides
20th October 2016

Plymouth Gin Distillery

A beacon for explorers and pioneers, the port of Plymouth has been shaped by the sea and defined by its geography. It’s also the place Plymouth Gin was born.

From a weather beaten English port to the four corners of the globe, the journey of Plymouth Gin is synonymous with the British Royal Navy, its sailors and ships.

Our home since 1793 and a monastery before that, the historical Black Friars distillery is the oldest working gin distillery in England.

The tour involves a fascinating 40-minute overview of the history of the Distillery as well as an introduction to how Plymouth Gin is made. Visitors also participate in a short tutored tasting of Plymouth Gin Original and Plymouth Sloe Gin.

At the end of the tour guests can choose between a complimentary miniature of Plymouth Gin to take home or enjoy a Plymouth Gin and Tonic at the Refectory Bar.